Anyone who’s been reading this blog or listening to my sermons for a while knows my feelings on the importance of embracing doubt as a necessary element of faith. The importance of embracing faithful doubt has been a part of my preaching, teaching, and, of course, is the basis of my book, The Certainty of Uncertainty: The Way of Inescapable Doubt and Its Virtue.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to be interviewed for the very fine (and somewhat flatteringly-titled) podcast, Inspirational Sermons: Insights from America’s Best Preachers.

I had occasion to discuss the themes of uncertainty, doubt, and faith with host and founder Rev. Dr. Robert LeFavi for Episode 6 of the podcast, and to discuss my sermon, “Am I Lost If I Have Doubt?” You can listen to that episode—“Faith and Doubt” below:

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