Made With Our Own Hands

A bible cut into the shape of a handgun

Remarks delivered at “Critical Conversations: Gun Sense,” convened at the Baltimore-Washington Conference Mission Center by Bishop LaTrelle Easterling, October 17, 2017. Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe has spoken already to the policy and advocacy side of the question here today. I have been invited to address a theological perspective. As any good Methodist, I am naturally drawn…

A Christian Letter to the Mosques

Perhaps you have seen the news reports of the vile letter that was sent to a number of mosques throughout the country, threatening genocide against Muslims in the wake of Donald Trump's election. The accompanying photograph of the handwritten note shows the letter signed "Americans for a Better Way." Well, the earliest Christians were called…

On the Relationship Between Christianity and Zionism

Dome of the Rock and the Haram as-Sharif/Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The debate about the relationship of the Church to the Biblical people of Israel is a centuries-long and enduring one. But the relationship of the Church to its own churches should be an obvious one: to love them as Christ has loved us. And choosing Zionism—indeed choosing any state loyalty over our brothers and sisters in Christ is fundamentally at odds with this command of Jesus.

A Sacred Task

i voted sticker lot

If we truly love our neighbors, then we care about their well-being. Voting, then, is not an exercise in insuring that we get what is beneficial to us alone, it is a sacred trust to exercise that power on behalf of others.