Perhaps you have seen the news reports of the vile letter that was sent to a number of mosques throughout the country, threatening genocide against Muslims in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The accompanying photograph of the handwritten note shows the letter signed “Americans for a Better Way.”

Well, the earliest Christians were called followers of “The Way” and this letter represents no part of that faith that I know. And so, I took it upon myself to write my own, handwritten letter—a Christian version of that same screed, improved to reflect the values and faith that are at the heart of The Way.

To the Children of Abraham and Ishmael,

You in the Muslim community are a generous and faithful people. Your mothers are compassionate and your fathers are giving. You are good. You worship God. And the day of your redemption is at hand.

img_5138There is no new ruler of the earth except the King on the Throne whose name is God. He will cleanse the world of sin, of racism, of bigotry, and hate, and will make it good again. He is going to start with us Christians. He is going to do with us as the Prophets did with the Jews—re-instilling in our hearts the Divine Law of love, justice, mercy, compassion, and love of neighbor. You in the Muslim community are our neighbors and will be blessed to remain so.

This is a great time for Faithful Christians to recommit themselves to the gospel of love that Jesus called us to live. We send you our prayers for long life and blessings upon you all.

American Followers of The Way

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