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Cover of Delivering the Commonwealth

Something Otherworldly, and not in the Usual Way

Mark SchaeferNov 18, 20232 min read
November is National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) in which thousands of aspiring novelists commit to writing 50,000 words of their attempt at the next Great American Novel. I am one of those aspiring thousands.
Video: A Religious Argument Against the Flat Earth

Video: A Religious Argument Against the Flat Earth

Mark SchaeferJul 10, 20231 min read
In a way, there is a religious fundamentalist quality to this globe-denialism, and it occurred to me that there is a quasi-religious foundation for people’s stubborn belief in a flat earth. I’m no scientist, but I do know religion, and so into the fray I jumped with a video entitled “A Religious Argument Against the Flat Earth.”
Image of St. Mark from an Armenian edition of the gospels

At Long Last: The Good News according to Mark

Mark SchaeferMar 18, 20237 min read
My primary aim in this book was to put before the reader a presentation of different levels of translation for this sacred text. In so doing, I hoped to allow the reader to see the fundamental strangeness of the text and its familiarity at the same time, and come to see just what it is that I have come to love about Mark’s gospel.
Billboard reading:

The Shitty Theology Along I-95

Mark SchaeferMar 9, 20231 min read
On a recent road trip to through the South, I saw a series of billboards with religious message. These billboards were clearly part of a single theological viewpoint. And that theological viewpoint is terrible.
King Arthur and his knights from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

A King Like No Other

Mark SchaeferNov 20, 20223 min read
There is some embarrassment in the modern church about Christ the King Sunday. It’s viewed as patriarchal, monarchist, and imperialist: all the things that a good modern-day Christian should oppose. And we should. But there’s something missing from that understanding, and that’s that proclaiming Christ as King has always been a subversive act.