A couple of weeks ago, I came across a post on social media that was one of those comments that suddenly changes your view of something. On March 25, a Twitter user named “Face of Boaz Cosplay” made a simple observation from her own experience that quickly went viral.

Do you want to know why you feel so tired, even though your daily activity load is decreased? It’s a trauma response. Because you can’t fight the virus actively, and because you can’t run away from it, your body is going into “play dead” mode. It’s common in those who experienced ongoing trauma in their childhoods, and it’s happening now: we’re powerless, fight or flight is out, so the only coping strategy left is avoidance. So be kind to your body who needs a few extra naps right now. You’re processing a lot, even if it isn’t consciously. Be active when you can, but don’t force it. You’re coping and you’re healing.

Face of Boaz Cosplay @faceofboaz
By Thomas from Philadelphia Area, USA – Grief, CC BY-SA 2.0,

She’s absolutely right.

We are in a period of grieving and it’s important to give voice to that. And so, in the comments below, I invite you to share what you’re grieving during this time of pandemic, quarantine, and isolation.

Let this space be for you a space to share words of grief and, in so doing, to demonstrate solidarity with so many who are feeling the same way.

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