The City of God

The new Jerusalem descends from heaven

St. Augustine taught that the citizens of the City of God would still use the things of the world as they pertain to things below, but do not make this earthly life their ultimate end. If we are to be citizens of the City of God, we engage with the political realm, but we do not confuse the things of this world—even our cherished political institutions or our beloved homeland—with the City of God.

Counting on Miracles

dinner plate with mosaic of loaves and fishes

We are limited in our abilities and when we forget that, we get ourselves into trouble. But at the same time, we are called to take action. Jesus told us to feed the multitude, knowing we couldn’t do it. But in that command, he gave us his expectation that we would unite our faith and our action, that we would trust in God and in him, but also work to live out the values of the Kingdom in the midst of the broken world.

You Can’t Please Everyone

It’s not an easy place to be in. We as social animals don’t willingly put ourselves in places seeking to lose the affection and approval of our fellow human beings. But it’s into those places of tension and discomfort that the Gospel calls us. And it’s in those places of tension and discomfort that we find Christ.