Questions of Faith: Is the Resurrection Real?

We can get hung up on the details that we imagine they are the things we’re supposed to have faith in. The arguments that Christians get in with non-Christians and with each other over the nature of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and how to understand it ignores the powerful world-changing reality at the heart of the proclamation. For this reality requires not our doctrinal assent but our discipleship. It calls us to follow in the path of faithful discipleship in the way of the one raised to new life. This is the meaning and the importance of the Resurrection for us.

Freedom and Independence

Christianity has long had a problem with entanglement and blurred lines between the church and the state. Because here’s the thing: in its truest form, Christianity is always a little subversive; Christianity doesn’t get along well with the state. That’s a point that should be obvious given that our founder was executed by the state.

In the Midst of the Other

Rev. Mark Schaefer Center Brunswick United Methodist Church, August 12, 2012 Metropolitan Memorial UMC, August 26, 2012 Joshua 6:22-27; Luke 10:25-37 Joshua 6:22–27 • Joshua spoke to the two men who had scouted out the land. “Go to the prostitute’s house. Bring out the woman from there, along with everyone related to her, exactly as…

Too Political

I. BEGINNING So, I went into the polling place the other day ready to cast my vote as a dutiful citizen.  I took my ballot from the ballot clerk and my little golf pencil and walked over to the voting booth.  I started to fill in the bubbles next to candidates’ names.  I started to…