Questions of Faith: Is the Resurrection Real?

We can get hung up on the details that we imagine they are the things we’re supposed to have faith in. The arguments that Christians get in with non-Christians and with each other over the nature of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and how to understand it ignores the powerful world-changing reality at the heart of the proclamation. For this reality requires not our doctrinal assent but our discipleship. It calls us to follow in the path of faithful discipleship in the way of the one raised to new life. This is the meaning and the importance of the Resurrection for us.

The Promised Land

Those early Christians entered into the Promised Land in the _midst_ of the Wilderness. Through their acts of witness, mercy, justice, and solidarity, they testified to the reality of the Kingdom that they now expected but that they knew was not here in its fullness. They lived in the tension between the already and the not-yet.

Will There Be a Rapture?

Will there be a rapture? No. Not tomorrow, but, you know, eventually? No. Never? Never. Wait, why not? Allow me to explain. The Rapture, from the Latin raptus "seizing," refers to the belief by some Christians that at the End of Days, Jesus will return and take up the faithful into heaven with him. These…